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Page 2 of safe lists, mailers and list builders for free advertising for online marketing.

'Free HTML' means that free members are allowed to send email messages with HTML coding -- a feature usually offered to upgraded members! HTML messages often have a better click-through rate than simple text messages.

Important! If you don't know how these types of sites work, please visit the links under Tutorials and Tips! You can learn how to deal with certain sites, what not to do, what to expect, what you must have, etc. Videos included!

Safe Lists, Mailers & List Builders - Page 2 Free HTML?
My Instant List

XXX signup credits
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Lists 'n' Profits

Promo code: newmember for $100 in free advertising
Safelist Pro

5,000 signup credits + 5,000/month
Hot List Mailer No
100 Percent Mailer No
Bweeble No
TopTierTraffic No
Land Marketing Mailer

1,500 credits per month
Promo code: newmember for 1,500 credits and 1,000 for both banners and text impressions
Viral Mail Profits

200 credits per month
Quick List Profits

Promo code: welcomegift for 1,000 credits, banners and text impressions

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